Veganism Boondoggle

I just got caught up on the papers after being away. So much going on. I would like to remind the short-sighted woman promoting veganism in response to the horse auction letters that animals provide more than just steaks. In fact beef cattle are only 40% meat (including organs). The other 60% comes to us as hundreds of different products.

The veganism promoter is also telling you to give up: Gummy Bears, marshmallows, mayonnaise, gelatin, photographic film (yeah, still out there), steel ball bearings with bone charcoal, fine bone china, pet food, vitamin capsules/gel coatings, insulation, paint brushes, glue for bookmaking (yeah, still out there) and band aids, clothes, shoes, luggage, saddles, furniture, automobiles, volleyballs, basketballs, and baseball gloves, shampoo, soaps, shaving creams, cosmetics, deodorants, candles, crayons, floor wax, detergents, hydraulic break fluid, plastics, insecticides, paints, perfumes, and synthetic rubber, etc, etc, etc.

Are there alternatives for all those products? Yes, but most are petrol chemical products that are NOT renewable, NOT biodegradable, NOT cheap.

Now a reply to this post in the Finger Lakes Times says that one family of vegetarians has a member who lost 89 lbs after leaving meat behind.  What the heck!  How fat were you man?  If I lost 89lbs I would be down to only 40% of my current weight.  If you could lose 89lbs and not die, then maybe giving up the Ringdings and Ho Hos would have been a better idea than buying into the vegetarian dogma.

Veganism is an unnatural boondoggle.


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