“Can’t we all just get along….” as long as it goes my way?

Apologies to Rodney King for usurping his line.

Ahhhh the sounds of summer: the chirp of the birds, the crack of the bat, the whining of the losers.  Yes, the NAACP sycophants are whining because the Grand Jury found that there was reasonable cause for an officer of the law to shoot a known felon on the run from yet another armed robbery.

Geneva Police Officer Scott Reale was forced to shoot a career felon who refused to cooperate with police while being arrested for yet another felony.  He shot Cory “Felonius” Jackson to protect another officer from harm while Jackson refused to cooperate with the arresting officer.

The grand jury evaluated information on the incident collected by the sheriff’s department and found that there was reasonable cause for Officer Reale’s REaction to Jackson’s action.

The oddest things are being said in print!  The NAACP rep has said that the city MUST send officers to training seminars to learn how to handle situations like the one that arose that night.  Ms. Mallard…they do.  Officers are trained to watch arrestees for dangerous activity and shoot them dead if they become a threat.  That is exactly what happened.  Next!

Mr. Steve Valentino suggested that the city council and the police force should more accurately reflect the skin color of the city.  Ok…but who would run for office?  Have any of Geneva’s black or latino or Asian or German or Jewish or Polish or Hungarian population run for a position? Would you settle for James Watt’s ” …black, woman, two jews and a cripple…”?  I remember when GPD hired an Hispanic officer to assuage similar misbegotten ideals that an arbitrary “sub-community” could only be accurately represented by a member of that arbitrary sub-community.  He was fired because he was ignoring legitimate complaints against Genevans who happened to be Hispanic.  He was not fired for being Hispanic, he was fired because he was not fit for the job.  So….hire/elect the folks fit for the job.  If they happen to be non-white, fine.  But making skin color your first priority is patently ridiculous.

Ms. Cynthia Hsu has suggested that a memorial to the felon be erected in the city.  One that doesn’t accentuate his chosen life of crime (his own father called him a “…gangstaa…”).  She thinks it will provide a positive role model for Geneva’s black youth.  What the heck?!  He shot two men in his apartment building during a fight.  He robbed a Chinese food delivery man at knifepoint (took the money AND the food cause crime really gives you an appetite).  He robbed a woman at knife point and stole her money and her phone.  Those are only the crimes we know about.  Ms. Hsu….what part of that is the role model part?  Maybe he brushed and flossed after every meal, maybe he was kind to a kitten once….but DAMN!  The negatives are sure to outweigh the positives.  Why ignore them for the sake of convenience and contrition?  You’re are exhibiting the subtle racism of lowered expectations.

Thomas Bell  was upset that extra law enforcement was called in after the Grand Jury verdict, even accusing the GPD of expecting stereotypical rioting after a jury verdict goes against a black man…yet IN THE VERY SAME BREATH he threatens civil disobedience by Geneva’s black youth during the upcoming Cruisin’ Night celebrations.  What the heck?!  Are you bi-polar, Mr. Bell?  Did you really criticize GPD for anticipating the VERY THING YOU JUST THREATENED?  And do you really want to suggest that Geneva’s black youth act out at an event attended mostly by drunken Irish and Italians?  Talk about a slaughter!  Say, Mr. Bell, here’s a novel approach: how about civil obedience for a change:  Turn down the car stereos, use the crosswalks and WITH the light, use the sidewalk, stop spitting on the street,  leave a tip for your server, put your hat on straight, ride your bike on the correct side of the street, stop shooting one another, stop stabbing one another, stop strangling/burning/dumping each other in alleyways, and finally…pull up your fucking pants!

Do all those things and you might just be mistaken for regular city folks…which is really what you should strive to be.

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