Race relations in Geneva? Well color me confused.

I don’t get it.  The Geneva Police Department (GPD) are forced to shoot a convicted felon (Corey Jackson)  who was being sought on yet another armed robbery charge and suddenly Al Sharpton (remember Tawana Brawley?)  is beating his drum and the locals are screaming about racism against the “black community”.

Well riddle me this Rev. Al, Ms. Mallard, and Ms. Patrisha (sic) Blue:  who killed Ashley Vincent of the black community?  Who killed Monique MacKoy of the black community?  Who slashed and stabbed Mercedes McIntosh of the black community so that she miscarried the following day?  Was it the GPD?  No.  It was Lamon MacKoy of the black community, and Alphonso Whitfield of the black community.

Where was Rev. Al then?  Where were the misplaced passions of Ms. Mallard and Ms. Blue then?  Where was the solidarity of Geneva’s black community then?

Jackson’s rights to due process would have been protected if he had cooperated with direct orders from officers at the scene.   Protesters seem to have forgotten that when the GPD caught Lamon MacKoy they didn’t beat, torture or kill him.  They protected his right to due process under the law.  Alphonso Whitfield got due process under a bridge by nature or nurture.

This will blow over and be proven that Officer Reale made a legitimate call in a tense situation with a known felon who refused to cooperate with a legal stop.  Yet the black community will still believe that they are unfairly singled out because of their skin color.

As for “Felonius” Jackson being shot in the head and those who criticise the shot location, try this out: sit in the back seat of a car with no rear window.  Have a friend stand 10′ from the rear of the car try to wound you in the foot with a brick.  I bet you get hit in the head too.

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