DARE to Keep Kids Drug-Free…Unless you have an Rx?

Why  in name of monkey meat do we bother with the local DARE program?  I went to my nephew’s DARE graduation (yet another way to celebrate mediocrity?) and heard the usual preachy facts about why drugs, alcohol and tobacco are bad for us.

According to my research, 1 out of every 3 young white males between the ages of 9 and 14  is on mandatory Ritalin to treat the imaginary ADD or ADHD.   Their middle class parents are on voluntary Prozac or Zoloft ’cause they won’t just “…snap out of it”.  40% of the country is on voluntary Lipitor cause they are too self-indulgent to eat properly.  100% of the TV-watching public is marketed so may non-medical drugs for fake ailments that I have lost count.  So much for drug free.

Alcohol-free?  We live in wine country!!!!!!  Cottage industries have sprung up to sell massive quantities wine, beer, and grappa made on site.  Heck, Seneca Lake has about 60 such wineries/breweries/grappa…ries(?).  You can even get wine ice cream at the lake front.  Another cottage industry has sprung up to cart around whole groups of people planning to consume so much alcohol that they cannot operate their own cars.

Tobacco-free?  The news is FILLED with Indians fighting for their right to sell massive quantities of cigarettes to anyone.  The STATE is fighting too…not to STOP the sales and improve health but to PARTICIPATE by taking the lions share of the sale price!  That money goes into health care to treat people too stupid to realize that breathing in smoke it bad for you.

Stop the madness.  Stop telling kids that these things are wrong when every where they look they see these things accepted as normal.  Teach the kids to drink and drug responsibly instead.  I mean there are no jobs here, so they may as well learn to numb themselves to their futures.

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