Veganism Boondoggle

I just got caught up on the papers after being away. So much going on. I would like to remind the short-sighted woman promoting veganism in response to the horse auction letters that animals provide more than just steaks. In fact beef cattle are only 40% meat (including organs). The other 60% comes to us as hundreds of different products.

The veganism promoter is also telling you to give up: Gummy Bears, marshmallows, mayonnaise, gelatin, photographic film (yeah, still out there), steel ball bearings with bone charcoal, fine bone china, pet food, vitamin capsules/gel coatings, insulation, paint brushes, glue for bookmaking (yeah, still out there) and band aids, clothes, shoes, luggage, saddles, furniture, automobiles, volleyballs, basketballs, and baseball gloves, shampoo, soaps, shaving creams, cosmetics, deodorants, candles, crayons, floor wax, detergents, hydraulic break fluid, plastics, insecticides, paints, perfumes, and synthetic rubber, etc, etc, etc.

Are there alternatives for all those products? Yes, but most are petrol chemical products that are NOT renewable, NOT biodegradable, NOT cheap.

Now a reply to this post in the Finger Lakes Times says that one family of vegetarians has a member who lost 89 lbs after leaving meat behind.  What the heck!  How fat were you man?  If I lost 89lbs I would be down to only 40% of my current weight.  If you could lose 89lbs and not die, then maybe giving up the Ringdings and Ho Hos would have been a better idea than buying into the vegetarian dogma.

Veganism is an unnatural boondoggle.


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Who’s Keeping Track of Obama’s Children?

With the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, the President of the United States of America stated that if he “….had a son he would look like Trayvon…”  I am not at all sure what Obama meant by that, but he appears to be identifying himself with a young black man.

Well I got a call from the Geneva Police Department of Geneva, NY with a recorded message.  The message was warning me that a bank robber was on the loose in town.  The message gave a description that matched that of Trayvon Martin: Black, male, tall, early 20s.  If Obama had a son he would look just like that.  So…maybe we need to keep tabs on Obama’s family members at all time.  Both to keep them safe from vigilantes, and to keep them from robbing banks.

You gotta take the bad with the good, Mr. President.  You can’t pick and choose who will represent your children.

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“Can’t we all just get along….” as long as it goes my way?

Apologies to Rodney King for usurping his line.

Ahhhh the sounds of summer: the chirp of the birds, the crack of the bat, the whining of the losers.  Yes, the NAACP sycophants are whining because the Grand Jury found that there was reasonable cause for an officer of the law to shoot a known felon on the run from yet another armed robbery.

Geneva Police Officer Scott Reale was forced to shoot a career felon who refused to cooperate with police while being arrested for yet another felony.  He shot Cory “Felonius” Jackson to protect another officer from harm while Jackson refused to cooperate with the arresting officer.

The grand jury evaluated information on the incident collected by the sheriff’s department and found that there was reasonable cause for Officer Reale’s REaction to Jackson’s action.

The oddest things are being said in print!  The NAACP rep has said that the city MUST send officers to training seminars to learn how to handle situations like the one that arose that night.  Ms. Mallard…they do.  Officers are trained to watch arrestees for dangerous activity and shoot them dead if they become a threat.  That is exactly what happened.  Next!

Mr. Steve Valentino suggested that the city council and the police force should more accurately reflect the skin color of the city.  Ok…but who would run for office?  Have any of Geneva’s black or latino or Asian or German or Jewish or Polish or Hungarian population run for a position? Would you settle for James Watt’s ” …black, woman, two jews and a cripple…”?  I remember when GPD hired an Hispanic officer to assuage similar misbegotten ideals that an arbitrary “sub-community” could only be accurately represented by a member of that arbitrary sub-community.  He was fired because he was ignoring legitimate complaints against Genevans who happened to be Hispanic.  He was not fired for being Hispanic, he was fired because he was not fit for the job.  So….hire/elect the folks fit for the job.  If they happen to be non-white, fine.  But making skin color your first priority is patently ridiculous.

Ms. Cynthia Hsu has suggested that a memorial to the felon be erected in the city.  One that doesn’t accentuate his chosen life of crime (his own father called him a “…gangstaa…”).  She thinks it will provide a positive role model for Geneva’s black youth.  What the heck?!  He shot two men in his apartment building during a fight.  He robbed a Chinese food delivery man at knifepoint (took the money AND the food cause crime really gives you an appetite).  He robbed a woman at knife point and stole her money and her phone.  Those are only the crimes we know about.  Ms. Hsu….what part of that is the role model part?  Maybe he brushed and flossed after every meal, maybe he was kind to a kitten once….but DAMN!  The negatives are sure to outweigh the positives.  Why ignore them for the sake of convenience and contrition?  You’re are exhibiting the subtle racism of lowered expectations.

Thomas Bell  was upset that extra law enforcement was called in after the Grand Jury verdict, even accusing the GPD of expecting stereotypical rioting after a jury verdict goes against a black man…yet IN THE VERY SAME BREATH he threatens civil disobedience by Geneva’s black youth during the upcoming Cruisin’ Night celebrations.  What the heck?!  Are you bi-polar, Mr. Bell?  Did you really criticize GPD for anticipating the VERY THING YOU JUST THREATENED?  And do you really want to suggest that Geneva’s black youth act out at an event attended mostly by drunken Irish and Italians?  Talk about a slaughter!  Say, Mr. Bell, here’s a novel approach: how about civil obedience for a change:  Turn down the car stereos, use the crosswalks and WITH the light, use the sidewalk, stop spitting on the street,  leave a tip for your server, put your hat on straight, ride your bike on the correct side of the street, stop shooting one another, stop stabbing one another, stop strangling/burning/dumping each other in alleyways, and finally…pull up your fucking pants!

Do all those things and you might just be mistaken for regular city folks…which is really what you should strive to be.

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Give a man a fish…and it still tastes like corn and soybeans.

So a recent NY Times article put the fear of Cod into its readers (  Actually the fear of tilapia: that mild, versatile fish so common at Wegmans (from CHINA!!!).  The article talks about the down falls of farm-raised tilapia from both an environmental standpoint (filthy business raising fish), and a nutritional standpoint.

It would appear that tilapia fisheries (like the one in Cortland, NY: are using fish food made mainly of soybean and corn.  The result is a fast growing fish with none of the benefits of fish and all the ingredients of commercially-raised chickens and beef.  In the wild tilapia rarely come in contact with corn or soybeans (or the massive amounts of human poo highlighted in one Dirty Jobs episode).  Their natural diet is limited to aquatic plants and other fish.

A little creative reading and I have actually found the solution to the problem, which in turn solves several other problems at the same time!!!!  Montezuma NWR (like most Finger Lakes bodies of water) is under attack from Asian carp ( and Eurasion milfoil (  The first one is a fish, the other is an aquatic plant.  Control methods for these little nasties seem to involve hand-wringing and hope.  It has not been working.  The huge investment in aquatic milfoil harvesters has not paid off (and where does the milfoil go?).  Sure there are some “sportsmen” who shoot carp with bows and arrows and kill quite a few, but what happens to the collected fish?  Nothing.  Usually they get thrown onto the canal bank or just dumped back into the water.  No one eats them (you can eat clear-water carp, but muddy-water carp taste like…well…mud.).

What if the carp and plants were collected and processed into fish food for the tilapia farmers?  The Tunison Lab of Aquatic Science in Cortlandville, NY (  has the methodology for creating and analyzing pelleted food for fish.  I mean its what they do.  Carp could be netted during breeding season in huge numbers, the milfoil harvesters could work round the clock and both products could be trucked to a pelleted-fish-food processing plant.  Throw in a little invasive purple loosestrife for fiber and VOILA!

We solve some invasive species problems, we improve the quality of farmed tilapia, and we get NY working again!  Write a congressman…or a fisherman…and get them on the hook.

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DARE to Keep Kids Drug-Free…Unless you have an Rx?

Why  in name of monkey meat do we bother with the local DARE program?  I went to my nephew’s DARE graduation (yet another way to celebrate mediocrity?) and heard the usual preachy facts about why drugs, alcohol and tobacco are … Continue reading

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Art Under Fire!

Anyone see the bullet holes in the Millington mural downtown Geneva?  One was on the lower left about 2′ from the ground.  The other was about 12′ above the first one.  That is the saddest marksmanship I have ever seen.

Note to gangbangers: If you’re gonna kill one another please take some shooting lessons.  That kind of grouping will kill innocent people.  If you can’t keep 5 shots in an area the size of an askew baseball cap at 20 yards, use a pointed stick instead.

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“Ithaca is Cages”

What the hell!  Been to Ithaca recently?  Due to continuing penchant for stressed out Cornellians to jettison themselves into the gorges, the campus has seen fit to place large fences around the bridges over said gorges.  Its like being in prison but without the free healthcare, free cable TV, free college education and free anal sex (and I’m not too sure about the latter).

Say, here’s a thought: “Mr. Skorton tear down those fences” and address the CAUSE of the suicide, not the method.  Seriously, what the hell.  Have you blocked off streets where students are hit by cars?  Have you closed dining halls where students achieve the Freshman fifteen?  Have you erased the Cornell-Lingus column where promiscuity is promoted?  No?  Then how dare you, sir, how DARE you muddy my view of nature’s gifts?

I certainly don’t attempt to belittle the pain and suffering of the parents and friends of the deceased, merely the University solution.

I have a solution:  Fill the gorges with garbage.  It’s PERFECT!  NY can continue its economy based on being a dumping ground for NYC and Canada, students will no longer fall to their deaths, and the fences can be put around the dining halls to keep frosh from becoming posh.

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